IMARK Charge Controllers have it all

IMARK-MPPT-12V-24V-48V-Charge regulators 20A-40A-60A-picture

IMARK MPPT charge controllers, new to the Australian market, combine the best of currently available technology in one compact package.

These charge controllers feature MPPT solar panel array inputs, which means you can add several series connected grid style solar panels to the DC input. At the same time, the devices are available in with SD card and ethernet monitoring, which makes keeping track of remote sites easy.

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Phocos success in Tianjin solar street lighting project

picture of solar powered street lamps

2,850 Solar Lighting Systems – Equipped with Phocos CIS Charge Controllers – Installed Along the Main Road to the Industrial Park in Tianjin, China

Coastal Tianjin’s lengthy rainy season and hot temps posed a challenge for the local government when selecting components for the solar lamp project – especially the control technology. Given the importance of lighting for road safety and security, maintaining reliability in the harsh environment was of utmost importance

After evaluating alternatives, the developer settled on the sealed IP68 CIS charge controller from Phocos. With its fully potted case, the regulator is perfect for the wet and hot conditions in Tianjin city, while its sundown-to-sunup lighting control option enables tight control of lamp operation.

If the battery level should run low, the dimmer kicks in to keep the lights on whilst conserving power. Settings can be made quickly and easily via an infrared remote control.

photo of orange coloured CMLsolid charge controller on black background

Phocos announces new CML Solid range

photo of orange coloured CMLsolid charge controller on black backgroundNew CMLsolid charge controller

Phocos is famous for its series of CML charge controllers, tried and tested PWM charge controllers used around the world in solar charging applications. This success has been built on with the higher power class of the CMLsolid.

The newest charge controller, just released CMLsolid has a current rating of 30 A, aluminum body, handy USB charging socket, user friendly LED charge level indicator, and a host of other benefits.

Compared to regulators with plastic housings, the controller is more rugged and better able to dissipate heat, leading to a smaller footprint – preserving space in space sensitive application (usually saving money).

Being the first solar charge controller with USB charging port, many applications now need only employ a CMLsolid and a lighting circuit, reducing system complexity.

For further information on the innovative product, see the CMLsolid30-charge-regulator-ENG-datasheet